Opportune location on waterways and arterial roads

The overall surface area of the estate is 20,000 m², the floor area of the production halls floor area totals 7,500 m². Our site is situated on large waterways and arterial roads.

Machinefabriek Van der Ploeg
Postbus 1121
8900 CC Leeuwarden
T: 058 253 9999
F: 058 253 9990

Room for the big and special jobs

Assembly/welding and machining are situated in several halls and of course all processing of special materials (stainless steel) takes places in a seperate hall.

The dimensions of the assembly hall are:

  • length : max. 60 metres.
  • width : max. 15 metres.
  • height : max. 8 metres.
  • lifting capacity : 40 tonnes.

and easily accessible

by road
and by water