Experience in metalworking since 1841


The company’s roots are in Friesland.

Machinefabriek Van der Ploeg
Postbus 1121
8900 CC Leeuwarden
T: 058 253 9999
F: 058 253 9990

From village smithy to global supplier

Machinefabriek VanderPloeg has a long history, going back to 1841. In this year, Van der Ploeg started up as a village blacksmith in Aldeboarn, Friesland. With the rise of industry the company expanded its activities. Machinefabriek G. van der Ploeg was officially established in Leeuwarden in 1956.

From that point on, developments followed in quick succession. The expansion with activities and targeted growth in the supply of big, heavy machinery and constructions necessitated more spacious accommodation. The present site on the Plutoweg in Leeuwarden was occupied in 1981. At c. 20,000 m², this offers ample room to continue to work toward the future.