Security and functionality during delivery

At VanderPloeg, we always test the assembled product based on the specifics of the design prior to any delivery. It makes no difference if it is just a part or a complete machine; you can already rely on functionality and quality prior to any delivery. 

Machinefabriek Van der Ploeg
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Production – VanderPloeg
Production – VanderPloeg
Production – VanderPloeg

A broad range of facilities for a strong final phase

Ultimately, everything revolves around the delivered final product. VanderPloeg, delivers "Turn-Key", which allows our clients to start work immediately. In our production hall, we produce ready-made devices, machines and constructions. Of course the proper functioning and constructive quality of all components are tested extensively, before we release any product for delivery. With regard to delivery, there is the possibility to transport via road or waterway. Our factory has a production hall of 60 x 15 meters in the immediate vicinity of the port.