Large scale of possibilities within our machining techniques

The qualified turners, millers and metal workers that are employed with VanderPloeg prove the precision of their professional expertise on a daily basis. This enables us to offer our clients a large problem-solving capacity within our machining technology.

Machinefabriek Van der Ploeg
Postbus 1121
8900 CC Leeuwarden
T: 058 253 9999
F: 058 253 9990

Machining as a specialism

VanderPloeg sets itself apart by means of client-oriented production. At our factory, there are practically no boundaries within this field, even with large dimensions or parts and constructions with heavy weights. These are exactly those kinds of assignments that allow us to fully demonstrate our capacities, facilities and expertise.

Within our machine factory we have the possibility of CNC drilling and milling for parts of up to 10 meters (and above) and 40 tons of weight, but we also gladly accept smaller, more labor intense projects in single- or serial production. Subsequently, our mechanical engineers master the technique of carrousel- and CNC turning in diameters up to over 2 meters in stainless steel or steel.

Our capabilities within CNC machining result in a strong combination with steel construction.