Welding is a core activity

To guarantee that welding processes are carried out in a most effective manner, VanderPloeg holds all necessary ISO 3834-2DIN 2303 Q2 and Q3 BK1 certifications. VanderPloeg specializes in high quality welding processes of constructions made from high strength steel and stainless steel in high density, complex wall thicknesses. We also possess a longstanding experience in the area of welding projects under supervisions of inspection agencies like TÜV, Lloyds, ABS, DNV, DMO and BWB.

MIG-MAG - Submerged arc TIG Electrode

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Welding under certification

Our welders are certified under EN 287 with regard to several welding processes and materials. VanderPloeg holds a total of more than 200 different welding certifications. During production we work with WPS specifications, which are based TÜV certified Welding method qualifications, like EN 15614 and ASME IX. Our more than 100 welding method qualifications form the framework for the quality assurance of the welding work carried out in our machine factory. 

VanderPloeg uses the following welding processes:

- MIG-MAG welding

- Submerged arc welding

- TIG welding

- Electrode welding