Quality Assurance based on QA

VanderPloeg has the use of an integrated management system, which is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 and VCA* and meets the requirements of AQAP-2110 Edition 3. At the same time, our firm meets all current regulation standards with regard to the applicable labor- and environmental law provisions. 

Machinefabriek Van der Ploeg
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The implemented operational processes at VanderPloeg are highly characterized by human actions. Human actions harbor certain risks with regard to safety, client satisfaction, labor circumstances and environment. Our company's approach is to avoid risks where possible or to at least reduce them to an acceptable minimum. Towards this end, we thrive to continuously evaluate and optimize our operational processes and work environment.

Because welding itself is considered to be a separate process under ISO 9001, VanderPloeg holds an ISO 3834-2 certification, where this process is described in detail. The processes that fall under this denominator are amongst others, all welding related processes and procedures. These procedures apply regardless of any assembled construction types. These procedures provide as a guideline for the description of our corporate abilities with regard to the production of structures that meet all corresponding requirements.

For welding of military, defense and similar structures, VanderPloeg holds a DIN 2303-Q2-BK1 certification. For the welding of steel armor we hold a DIN 2303-Q3-BK1 certification, which is based on the results of shooting tests.