Supervision of the welding process

The supervision of our welding processes is carried out conform ISO 3834-2 and EN 14731 regulations. The supervision of welding processes is performed by a certified International Welding Technologist (IWT), under final responsibility of a certified International Welding Engineer (IWE). 

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Responsibilities of the welding coordinator

The welding coordinator functions as a contact person for both the organization in the area of welding quality, as well as for the QC (quality control) of the customer and any control points.

The coordinators' area of responsibilities surrounds the assessment of all requirements as well as the technical details of a customer request. The use of qualified welding personnel and qualified welding methods also fall into this range. Supervision activities with respect to the correct welding equipment, welding consumables and raw materials are essential within this context. The use of calibrated agents is another important task within this field.

The welding coordinator determines the WPS conditions for the production and ensures adequate supervision by means of daily controls. Labeling and traceability of materials and welding consumables are also controlled and managed by the welding coordinator. He simultaneously performs welding audits during manufacture, performs final product inspections and coordinates the NDT activities of both internal and external parties during production.